Introducing Veronica

January 14th, 2012

There’s a new Polish girl in my family! My sister, Jeanne, and her husband, Colin, were matched with Veronica after two years of a paperwork project that is almost unimaginable in scope, unless you’ve completed an international adoption.

Below are Jeanne’s reflections on being matched:

I had a dream last night that my hands turned in to claws. I was horrified in my dream, and when I woke, realized the real life implication of hanging on, gripping, clutching, tightly breathing. My husband and I are undergoing the rigorous – I will not say impossible – journey of international adoption.

I have realized that adoption is a miracle, truly God’s thoughtful, expansive plan: It seems outrageous to me that anyone has survived this suspense without Divine Intervention.

We travel in less than two weeks to see our little girl again: adorable, 4 year old Veronica. Out of our box. Unexpected. Veronica. We have a small glimpse into who she is because of a five day visit. We wonder and ponder, attach, and defend. We worry. We miss. We plan. And love her.

The outrageous things people say: “Does she speak English?” Um, no, she’s 4, and she lives in Poland. “Where are her parents?” Well, um, they got lost on a weekend away and never came back. I especially don’t know how to answer that question.

I don’t know because I can’t imagine that she was ever unwanted.

To be honest, what I’ve realized: The questions, however awkward, are a way of embracing her. A way of assimilating her into EVERYONE’S way of life and understanding. A little girl told me “Veronica is my friend; let’s set up a play date”; people have been dropping presents by my office “For Veronica, I couldn’t help myself,” neighbors have been dropping off luggage, giving me advice about doctors, calling, writing.

A grumpy nurse turned happy after seeing her picture. She was able to fill my husband’s long term prescription in five minutes, something that would have taken weeks on another occasion. She’s happy. She’s happy about Veronica.

My secretary has more pictures of Veronica hanging up than I do. She talks about her more. My colleagues could not wait to throw the shower. They could not wait and said, “We are all adopting her.” And more than one meeting was ruined by watching videos.

An acquaintance at work walked into my office to say: “This day care owes me a favor. I will call it in for you.” What am I but grateful that an acquaintance would call in a favor for me? Maybe I don’t even need that favor. But she wants to call it in. Sincerely.

And Family. Prayers and packages. Hopes and dreams. Money and planning. Thoughtful presents and caring. “We thought of her.” “I started crying.” “She’s beautiful.” “We are so happy for you.”

We are so happy. Everybody’s busy, but not too busy…not too busy for you, Veronica. The whole world watches and waits. And is happy. And you are not unwanted, Veronica.

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  1. Kristin Says:

    That is wonderful news about Veronica and the outpouring of support that they are receiving.

  2. Rosemary Says:

    We love you, Veronica!!

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection, Jeanne.

    Niece number Six!

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