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About Twenty Birds

Q: What is Twenty Birds?

A: One part business, two parts love.

There are many creative and diverse adoption products stores online, and we're happy to join this growing movement. Twenty Birds focuses on sourcing handmade goods that celebrate adoption.

We want to celebrate adoption, but that doesn't mean forgetting the complex and varied losses and difficulties experienced by those involved in adoption.

Q: Who is Twenty birds for?

A: Anyone affected by adoption.

The list is long: social workers, birth families, waiting families, friends of adoptive families, adoptees and families formed through international, foster and domestic adoption. As we grow, you will see specific products geared toward each of these groups. If nothing speaks to you now, email us at and let us know what you'd like to see!

Q: How will you use the profits?

A: Adoption, adoption, adoption!

We've learned a lot from Muhammad Yunus's idea of social business. {It's pretty awesome & world changing.} In our model of social business, 25% of our net profits will go to low income families who are adopting children at risk for special needs. The remaining profits will grow the business and fund our own adoptions. No profits will be used for anything besides business growth and adoption.

Q: Why handmade?

A: A thing of beauty is a joy forever. - John Keats

We like using and giving and handling things that were made with care by an artisan invested in his or her work. We like teaching our son about the importance and beauty of objects that have a human history. will occasionally carry a mass produced item if we fall in love with one and can't, because of cost, provide a handmade version until a later date.

Q: What is the Little Bird blog?

A: A space for thinking about adoption, family and life.

Maureen started Little Bird as a way to process and share life events of all kinds-- happy, sad, dramatic, mundane. The blog tries to think about adoption as an emotional, social and ethical issues. Other topics? Infertility, parenting, love, grief. And so on.

Q: Why did you name the business Twenty Birds? Why is the blog named Little Bird?

A: It started with a dream.

Read about it here, on Maureen's blog.