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"Happy Gotcha Day" Mod Boyish Reusable Fabric Banner

Price: $48.00

Happy Gotcha Day!áHip, mod, boyish & blue! This fabric banner mixes blue, green, brown and white with architectural and geometric designs. In pictures with two banners, this one hangs on the bottom.

Get one for your adoption day celebation! Whether you have a party or keep it low-key, this banner can hang for your child's special day every year. Later on, it can go in a memory box or be passed down to other adoptees!

  • About 6" long, plus 14" strings on each side
  • Each square about 4" x 4.5"
  • Squares backed with cotton fabric
  • Letters hand cut and applied with fusible webbing
  • Hand wash cold, hang to dry

Many families choose to celebrate the anniversary of a child's adoption.You might celebrate the day you first met your child, the day of placement, or the day of finalization. See our other fabric and paper banners for these special days!